Latest Gmail Updates on Android Bring Ease In Usability

There is one email client which all of us prefer to use. This is none other than Google mail or Gmail. Android users indeed have a good Gmail app which serves their requirements very well, but Google has come up with more. The latest updates for Gmail are working way better than what Gmail was before this recent update. Gmail is now more than just an instant email support and push notifications. Usability is what we look for in each app we use. And that is exactly what google has brought to us.


The latest updates brought are for Android version ICS 4.0 and above. The following is the list of all new additions made in this version of Gmail:

· Auto-fit messages to screen and message zooming

· Swipe messages to archive or delete

· Attach photos and videos from within Gmail

· Larger photo previews and gallery view for photo attachments

· Bug fixes and performance improvements

Also, there are a few more extras built up for Android 2.2 and up. They go as follows:

· New Labels API for 3rd-party app developers

· Performance improvements

These addendums are working really well for Android Gmail users. Not just ease of accessibility now but also you get ease in usability with the user-friendly features given by Google for their mail client. Swipe to delete and archive is one thing which I found to be the best. Also, it is always good to see your messages fitting themselves according to your phone’s screen size.

Try this latest update for Gmail and give us a feedback about the usability.

Check Out Updated Gmail on Google Play Store.

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