Latest iPhone 6 Mockups Surface alluding to a Curvier Profile

iPhone 6 is still almost four months away from realistically being a member of the official countdown spree, but that has not stopped the world of the internet from speculating about the device that would be without a doubt, touted the best iPhone ever, and we have had some pretty good ones. With LG G3 set to be announced on May 27th, expect a lull before the storm that the iPhone brings to round up what has been more of an year of evolution than innovation.


According to a report in Macitynet, an Italian website, the new iPhone will have a curvier profile as compared to the straight edges of the iPhone 5s. This makes the iPhone 6 closer to an iPod Touch 6th generation than any other device in Apple’s arsenal. The site has leaked image of a prototype that is said to be extremely close in terms of design ethics of the new ipHone.

The phone is expected to pack a 4.7 inch screen and that is clearly reflected in the larger chassis that is primarily metal now with the glass plates gone from the days of iPhone 5s. The phone also will a ring around the camera a bit like the iPod Touch to protect the lens when the device is kept back down. The button placements too have been shifted around in the iPhone 6 thanks to the larger screen size of the device. the power button which has been on the top has been shifted to the right side of the device just above a continuous volume rocker, a bit like iPhone 3Gs.

Do you like the iPhone 6, if this leaked image happens to be eventually true? Let us know in the section below.

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