The Latest Leak Suggests that Motorola Moto G (4th Gen) Will be the Biggest Upgrade to Motorola Moto G Phones

Post the takeover by Lenovo, there have been long question marks hanging over Motorola’s future. In fact, it was made clear earlier in the year that the Moto branding altogether will be ditched for the phones in the budget range and only be used for high-end flagship phones which sure shot will also ship with fingerprint scanners. However, it looks like Lenovo has decided to move the boundaries a bit as far as defining high-end phones go.

Moto G4

The latest leaks suggest that the Motorola Moto G will be coming with a front facing fingerprint scanner, a Moto branding at the back and will be a redesigned back. And this time around, there would be not one, but two Moto G phones, with the Moto G Plus, the more premium version, which has been leaked out as well as the Moto G 4th gen. The Moto G 4th generation is said to be sporting the same 5.5-inch screen as the Motorola Moto G Plus, but a smaller 13 MP camera as compared to the Moto G Plus, which features a 16 MP sensor. The G Plus definitely does not have front facing speakers either, when compared to the older Moto G third generation.

Both the Moto G Plus and Moto G 4th gen are rumored to be priced at 280 and 240 Euros respectively, which is approximately Rs 24,000 and Rs 21,000. This is a major shift in pricing as the Moto G has always been the ultimate device when it comes to the budget segment in India, usually staying in the Rs 8,000 to Rs 12,000 price band. If the rumored pricing it right, then it makes sense that Lenovo has indeed elevated the Moto G to the status of a premium phone, and that is why it brings the Moto branding as well as fingerprint scanner too. But, that leaves a question mark as to what will happen with the Moto X series, as the Moto G alone, at this rumor will be more expensive than the Moto X Play.

At this moment, there are more questions than answers, with every leak around the Motorola Moto G, and therefore, we are lead to believe that maybe the Moto G 4th gen, when it is announced, around the May time frame, would be the biggest upgrade to the Moto G series that we have seen. In fact, really possible that Lenovo is going to be positioning the series very much different to what Motorola in the past couple of years did, and that could potentially be a dicey thing to do. If it’s not broke, why fix, right?

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