Launch or Kill Programs According to Internet Connection Availability

Many times your internet connection plays hide and seek with you. At a time when internet connection becomes unavailable, it is better to close those programs that depends on it. For example if you are using any mail client, FTP service, video downloader or music downloader programs at that time because it consumes unnecessary resources. But you feel lazy in opening and closing all the apps.

Now there is an intelligent program available which can handle all the apps according to the availability of internet connection. It means whenever your internet connection disrupts, it automatically kills the program and when the internet comes back, it automatically launch the program. So you can use it to launch your IM programs or Mail clients if connection is available.

Download this program on your computer to use it. One awesome thing about this program is it is very lite in size (only 38 KB) and you don’t need to install it on your PC. Just double click on the NetLaunch.exe file to launch it.


After launching, click on the “New” button to assign a new task. In a “New task” dialog box, click on the “Browse” button to go through a program path. Choose a program location from Program files folder which can be found under C drive. Now you have to decide that what program will do after internet connection went up and went down. There are options available such as Launch, Kill, do nothing etc. Click “Apply”.

Click on the “Settings” button on the right to check the boxes by which you can minimize the program in system tray and scan interval. The program is set for action. You can test the program by turning off your laptop’s wi-fi switch or by removing the LAN cable.

Download Netlaunch [via Ghacks].

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