Leak Indicates LG G3 will come with a 2K Resolution?

Now that we know virtually every detail about the All new HTC One, there is just the official announcement that we are waiting on. This would mean that we we have seen major flagships of two major OEMs already and we are barely half way through the year. Samsung has had the Galaxy S V while obviously the HTC M8 is all but confirmed. That leaves the next Nexus device, a Sony flagship which in all probability is the Z2 and the LG flagship as the devices to look forward to in the Android space before you can safely pass the judgement on what would be your flagship of choice for 2014.

The first leak of the LG G3 which is supposedly the successor to the G2 began appearing earlier in the day when the trusted Twitter account @Evleaks posted a tweet of certain lines of code. Although not much can be found out from the line of code apart from the fact that the screen may actually have a 2K resolution. This would certainly put the phone in a unique position as neither the HTC M8 or the Galaxy S V have gone with a 2K display. Once again, looks like it is LG setting the trend unlike previous generations where they were following one. Is this the year where finally LG will be taken as a major competitor to the supremacy of HTC and Samsung as the big players of the Android world?

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