Leaked Image of Nexus 4 Shows Android 4.3 Already Exists

It was bit of a shocker when Google did not announce the next iteration of Android at the Google I/O. Suggestions are that we are not going to see the Keylime Pie variant of Android, or 5.0 just yet. Instead there will be an incremental update called JellyBean and the version will be 4.3. It is not exactly clear, apart from a Super Power Saving Bluetooth connectivity what will be new in Android 4.3. There definitely will be performance improvements and enhancements in line with the Project Butter that has been implemented in Android Version 4.2.

Android Version 4.3

However, now the suggestions are that Android 4.3 already exists and in an exhibition, a Nexus 4 was caught running the next version of Android specifically 4.3. Although it is easily possible to change the Android version from Build Prop Editors, but it does look like this is the real deal, and it may not be very long until we see the next version of Android.

new camera UI on Android 4.3

What is interestingly different is that there is a new Camera UI where the controls are now on the side instead of the middle like that on version 4.2. There are also new toggles for HDR, Contrast, White Balance etc in the redesigned camera app. there surely will be more enhancements to the OS and few more subtle enhancements. As and when they are confirmed, we will bring them to you.

Via: GSM Arena

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