Leaked Images Point Towards A Revamped Play Store With Android Jelly Bean

Google Play store is quickly catching up with Apple App Store as the hub of mobile Applications. Since the launch of the Android Market store as it was called before being christian-ed the Play Store, we have seen plenty of changes being bought in the Application Store. Be it the UI or the recently added movies and books, Google has never settled like Apple with regards to its Application Store. They are always upto something or the other and it seems like we are all set to see another upgrade. It looks like a significant UI change as at the top it seems are the highest rated apps while you can scroll along to see other applications.

However, no information have been leaked out at all about the jelly Bean Update, so how this person has got access to the screenshot with it is an absolute mystery. It could very well be photoshopped or fake but the guy named Yousif is yet to revert back to  people. However, if this is the real thing, the change is definitely for the good and we really like the UI upliftment.

What are your views on the Google Play Store, would you like to see it updated? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Via: Techradar

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