Leaked Images show Android Play Store Running on BlackBerry Z30

We had heard right from the early days that BlackBerry OS 10 will have better support for emulators which would allow for Android apps to run on the BlackBerry devices. As the future of BlackBerry remains up in the air, new leaks have surfaced that maybe the team behind is looking to explore the vastly successful platform that Android is.


The leak shows the Android Store called Google Play running on a BlackBerry Z30. If the leaks do come true, and if we have a dual booted Z10 or even parts of Android such as Play Store do come true then we can be fairly sure of a solid competition from the once Canadian giants. It may be possible that new investments into the company of over $1 Billion and a new CEO in place are already a start to a massive revolution towards a better run of fortunes for BlackBerry.


According to the leaks, the Play Store could be available even for the current BB OS 10 which is version 10.2.1. There is virtually no information about the leaks as the user has simply said that he found them online which raises a question about the authenticity of the leaks. But, if they are true, this could be an early Christmas present to all those who swear by BlackBerry.

Via: Technobuffalo

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