Learn Basic Programming Skills With Codeacademy

Programming is a skill that almost every computer user wants to be aware of. Now you too can become a programmer for free using Codeacademy. This is a website that is dedicated to educating users all over the world on the basic programming skills involved in computers.


The website opens with a tutorial of JavaScript, and after giving a brief preview of the tutorial, which is bound to make you asking for more, the website will ask you to register to the site. Registration is free and is simple enough for anybody. After registering, the tutorial continues and all the basic steps involved in programming are covered in detail and is extremely easy to understand and is user friendly.

The website contains two basic courses that you can take for free and can learn with ease.

The first involves getting started with programming that helps you to get familiar with keywords and various codes necessary to continue learning in detail. There are 8 basic lessons that help you get started with the course. Once you finish these 8 lessons you can move on to more advanced tutorials of JavaScript.

The second free tutorial available is the JavaScript Quick start guide that contains 4 lessons covering all the basic steps and coding involved in becoming familiar with the language.

So if you really are interested in getting to know in detail about programming, then this is the best way to get started.

Check out Codeacademy.

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