Learn How To Set Your Favorite Video As Live Wallpaper On Android Device

Live Wallpapers are one of the best features of Android. Not only they make your device look really nice but they also add an element of interactiveness with the user. There are plenty of live wallpapers out there like Nexus Revamped that add UI responsiveness to live wallpapers. Yes, they may consume a little bit extra battery, but never the less they are a pretty addition to your device and one even at the cost of battery may be a welcome addition.

However there are plenty of videos we have on our Android device and what if there is a video you would like to see always as your live wallpaper? I have always wanted to have a couple of such videos as my background. Though yes, there would be no audio played, but you can always watch the entire animation. To be able to watch your videos as your background, all you have to do is follow these steps promptly.

1) Head over to GooglePlay and download Video Live Wallpaper.

2) Once you allow the application to install, head over to your desktop and long press the empty desktop screen.

3) Choose live wallpaper option from the various options of setting up wallpapers.

4) From the live wallpapers installed, select ‘video live wallpaper’. This will prompt you to select one video that you wish to use as your back ground. Select it and press ok.

5) Either now head out of the application and enjoy the wallpaper,or you can go into settings and play around with them to suit your needs. However, there are not too many customization possible, so I would not really suggest playing around with things.

This is a really simple way to set your favorite video as the live wallpaper on your Android device. Do let us know if it was useful to you.

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