Lenovo is Set to Phase Out Motorola Brand

For the old timers, this is going to be a really sad news. After Nokia’s name was erased away from smartphones and replaced by Microsoft, looks like another ex-giant is going to fall to the prey of time. It has been reported by CNET that Lenovo, who now own Motorola after purchasing it from Google, will be phasing out the brand name Motorola completely. What will remain is the Moto moniker, that Lenovo will be calling its high-end smartphone series, while sticking to the Vibe series for the low end or budget phones. 


The news comes right from the mouth of the tiger in the jungle as Rick Osterloh, the COO of Lenovo told CNET that “We’ll slowly phase out Motorola and focus on Moto”. The move should come as a little surprise given that Motorola has earned itself quite a cult following over the years and it makes sense for Lenovo to utilize it by using Moto brand with Lenovo. The Batman Wings logo of Motorola will still feature on a few devices, though primarily the flagship devices like what one would assume the next Lenovo Moto X would be, would feature the blue Lenovo logo.

It has also ben revealed in the report that for all official documentations as well as the internal workings, the Motorola and Lenovo team will continue to exist independently and work independently, the case how it was when briefly Google held the reigns of Motorola.

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