Less than 24 hours to go: Things we can expect at Apple’s Press Event Tonight

At 12:30 AM IST on September 10th, all the tech enthusiasts will be sitting before their Apple made products, be it a Mac, iPad or iPhone ready for Tim Cook to seduce them into spending 100s of dollars they earned just to own the latest and greatest from Apple. So, building up to the mega Apple event,what do we know will happen here are the things we expect tonight:


Apple event

A definite date for the release of iOS 8.

If the past records are to go by, iOS 8 will be available for all those devices which will support it starting either midnight today or tomorrow. In addition to iOS 8, we could well hear an official word on when will Yosemite be available for the users. This date is most likely to be in October.

Announcement of two new iPhones, reportedly iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 is expected to be a 4.7 inch unit with pre bookings starting tonight with a view for sales starting in ten days or so. The other device called the iPhone 6 Plus could well be a 5.5 inch unit which could be available later this month.

An iWatch.

This wold be the most important and most anticipated event at the conference. iWatch, success or not, will be the gadget that will finally start the clock on the wearables. Expect a lot of wearables to come in which will match or try and better whatever Apple announces today.

A lot of numbers and information on new Apple Stores.

Tim and Apple in general love numbers. Expect numbers bigger than what you can ever make sense of. Apple’s strategy has always been to show the customers the sky, nobody anyway can measure how high it is. Expect a lot of that and Android jabs today.

Plenty of time for the payments and Sapphire Glass properties.

The new iPhone is expected to come with a Sapphire screen as well as a new integrated payment system. We expect Apple will take a lot of time out to explain how revolutionary these two things are and what massive improvement will they bring.

Discontinued and discounted phones.

It has been an Apple policy of subsidizing its previous models and discontinuing a generation older. We expect the iPhone 5s to drop to a $99 on contract price, with iPhone 5c being made free and iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s being discontinued.

Maybe a Sneak Peek

Remember the time when Apple just gave us a peek at the new Mac Pro? Who knows, maybe something like that could happen too? New sets of Mac Airs or Pros or even iMacs that may eventually come out in January.

Apple Car Play

Apple has been working hard with some of the biggest car manufacturers of the world. Do not be surprised to see a car on stage and some nifty demonstrations there.

A new game demo-ed on the new iPhone

We will definitely see a newly developed game that would show off the extreme performance potential of the new iPhone 6. This could be the next version of an old game or one of the console games finally coming to mobile.

A Jonny Ive Special

No Apple event showing off will be complete without Jonny Ive telling us just how wonderful this product is. We bet he says something about the need to move forward with demands of a bigger size phones and aluminum and metal build.

What are you expecting at the Apple event? Let us know in the section below.

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