LG Announces White Nexus 4 and Denies Working on Nexus 5

If it rains, it literally pours. That is what you must be feeling if you have been following all the announcements from LG lately at least as far as India is concerned. We saw LG finally launch the Nexus 4 in India and then just days after the official launch, India is one of the every first countries to get a white Nexus 4. It basically is the same device as the Black Nexus 4, but with a back that is white in colour. Some of the neutrals might say, what is the big deal about it? But believe you me, a white Nexus 4 is a huge deal in the world of Tech Nerds and serial mobile jumpers that tech enthusiasts are. the device has already been spotted in a few stores of New Delhi and sell for the same price as the Black 16 GB Nexus 4.

Nexus 4_white

However, officially, the device will start it’s journey from Hong Kong on 29th of this month and gradually roll across Europe, Asia and other selected few markets. This is a big step because normally Google would release the products first in the US Play Store and take things from there.

LG Mobile President Won Kim also suggested that LG is not currently looking to work on a Nexus device, not currently at least as it does not seemingly want the marketing success which the Nexus 4 bought them, which by the way sounds bizarre  He, however did suggest that in case a future opportunity did come calling, they would be more than interested in partnering up with Google.

Via: Androidpolice



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