LG Explains its New UI on the LG G3

When LG debuted it’s new flagship, the LG G3, eyeballs were fixed not only on the killer hardware specifications of the device but also the all new UI elements of the phone. LG, as expected has gone with the trend and made sure that the UI elements on its latest device are flat and clean with no unnecessary design elements taking up spaces. the icons are redone nicely and the default widgets too look light to look at.


The new UI allows for a better User Experience as it takes away the clutter from the desktop. LG had faced a lot of criticism for its optimus skin, which it used on its previous flagships because it was heavy on the memory and looked pretty bad to the eye. No wonder, LG was compared to Samsung when it comes to skinning their devices. While LG’s UI is nowhere still is as good as either the Sense 6 on HTC devices or vanilla Android, it is definitely a move in the right direction.

So, LG took some time out to explain the decisions behind making the switch and to introduce the new UI to the customers who might be interested in picking up the LG G3. If you are one of them, then go ahead and give a watch to the video shot by LG linked below:

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