LG Fx0 is the first Transparent Smartphone running Firefox OS

Mozilla’s Firefox OS so far has tasted only low-end hardware devices in the budget category. Despite being in nascent stages of development, Firefox OS has major potential given the pre-established developer community. The OS has been only installed on phones that have retailed in the region of Rs 5,000 and once could argue that Mozilla hasn’t gone full out with the launch. The first instance where you could argue that Mozilla is going full on with the launch of the OS is with a transparent smartphone called the LG Fx0.


The device will be a Japan exclusive to start of with and will retail for a price of about 50,000 Yen which is about Rs 26,000. The device will be available in limited stocks from now, though it will be available widely from the first week of January. The device is made keeping the developer community in mind and is completely transparent which is an interesting design concept.

The LG Fx0 has a 4.7 inch display and is powered by Snapdragon 400 SoCwith 1.5 GB of RAM. The internal memory is 16 GB and packs 2370 mAh battery which can be seen from the back of the device. the rear of the device also embosses Firefox logo on the back. The device will be the first major release from Firefox and would be interesting to see how the device is received given decent specifications.

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