LG G2 Benchmark Scores

In the past few days, we have heard and read about plenty of drama surrounding how several smartphone manufacturers have tried to configure their smartphones in a way that their devices perform to the optimum best when tested. Anandtech, the popular website was really the first one to point out that Samsung was a culprit and later went on to reveal they were not the only ones.

How this works is that the Android smartphone runs at full throttle when a benchmarking app such as quadrant standard is run. This certainly means most of the benchmark tests are tailored deeming them not really worthy of much use. However, since just about every device is tailored, we feel although these tests are really not a true indicator of performance, but still could be used to see which manufacturer has gone to greatest lengths at optimizing their devices for such tests.

So keeping up with our Benchmarking tests, we have the LG G2 with us to see how the device fairs. It is without a doubt one of the best smartphones on the market and one of the only few devices to be running Snapdragon 800 SoC which should certainly give it a rock solid headstart over the competitors.

The following are the tests we conducted and their scores.

Quadrant Standard

LG G2 Benchmarks-42-37



LG G2 Benchmarks-44-31

LG G2 Benchmarks-43-51

Anututu BenchMark

LG G2 Benchmarks-50-55

LG G2 Benchmarks-51-33

Real Pi Test

LG G2 Benchmarks-44-55


LG G2 Benchmarks-46-34

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