LG G4 Set to Launch on April 28th

With HTC missing the opportunity to consolidate its position as one of the top Android players with the M9 receiving very average reviews, it is a great opportunity for LG this year to overtake them and place itself firmly in the second spot just behind Samsung when it comes to popular Android manufacturers. This is why the next flagship from LG, that is the LG G4 is going to be an absolutely a crucial cog in the wheels that drive the mobile business for LG.


The device is now expected to be announced on April 28th with LG sending across an invitation to the leading global media of the tech industry. It is rather strange that LG did not announce the device earlier at the MWC where both Samsung and LG had their devices out, though you could perhaps reason that down to LG not wanting others to steal its thunder. Not a lot is known about the LG G4 other than the fact that the device could feature a bendable panel, a bit like the LG G Flex and will be powered by a Snapdragon 810 SoC. Since the invite has ‘See the Great Feel the Great’ moniker written on a leather sort of a back, perhaps it is an indication that the device will have some sort of a leather like back.

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