LG G5 First Image Leak Shows Dual Camera Setup

LG is expected to announce the LG G5 early next year, round about the February timeframe. This is usually the period when the likes of MWC are on and we saw pretty much all the major announcements including the Galaxy S6 and HTC M9 happen around the same time. LG was a little late to the party, but it looks like this year, most of the major flagship phones will be coming in at the same time, early by the Q1 of the year 2016. LG is expected to bring the LG G5 in an all metallic design this time around and a few more interesting details of the phone were revealed.

LG G5 rear

The image of the phone’s back was leaked out by mobile_leaks on reddit. The back of the phone in the image looks like that it is adorning some sort of a sandstone case over the metallic body. There is a Dual Camera setup as well as the heart rate sensor on the back. The rear camera set is expected to be 16 and 8 MP and has Autofocus on board. The front facing camera is expected to be 8 MP too. The G5 also has a fingerprint scanner embedded in the power button on the back of the phone.  There is also apparently a heart rate monitor and a color spectrum sensor in there.


In terms of other specifications, the phone shall most likely come with Snapdragon 820, 3 GB RAM, IR blaster, USB Type-C port and a micro SD slot.


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