LG has Started Rolling out Android 5.0 KitKat to all the G3 Devices across Europe

It was a major news when LG announced that the LG G3 will receive the update to Android 5.0 Kitkat even before the likes of Nexus 5 had received it. Albeit the update was rolled out to a very small portion of customers, those in Poland, but it was a significant move by LG to establish belief among its customers that it is committed towards providing timely updates.  Updates have been a major pain for the Android users and thanks to the use of a custom UI atop the Vanilla Android skin, they have always been delayed when compared to the devices that run Vanilla Android.

LG G3 Kitkat Update

After initial rollout, it looks like LG is now rolling out updates across Europe for those who wish to taste the Lollipop as the G3 in various corners and parts of the continent are now receiving the OTA update. And given that there is not a whole lot of difference between the European and the Asian variants, it would not be a bad guess to think that the users of the LG G3 in India will have Android 5.0 on their devices soon too.

The update is currently rolling out to the D855 model of the LG G3, so in case you do have that unit, you should be checking for the update. You can do the same by going into settings and finding the option to update under ‘About’ the device. For those who are finicky about the build numbers and things like that, the update will take your device build number to LRX21R.


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