LG to Announce a new Budget Range Device Called LG Zero in Taiwan this week

LG is one of the very few brands other than Apple that has a strong hold in the flagship, high-end market without having any real penetration in the budget market space. You think of the likes of Samsung, HTC, Motorola, all the big players pretty much have a good hold in the budget space as it allows their consumers a wider range of products to pick from. While Apple may get away with positioning itself as a brand for the elite, the rest of the players, neither have the brand name nor the kind of margins on cash as Apple. And perhaps this is why, LG is starting to take the mid range and budget space a little more seriously now.


LG is set to announce the LG Zero, its latest attempt to make a mark in the budget market. The device will be announced in Taiwan this week and will then be globally launched in the parts of Asia, Africa and Europe in the coming days. The device is set to mimick the famous HTC One line, and bring an all metallic build to the device, a surprise move considering that even the best flagships of LG including the LG G4 and LG Nexus 5X are built out of plastic.

In terms of the specifications we know so far, the Zero is set to bring a 5 inch 720 P display which will be backed up by a Quadcore chipset, 1.5 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage and a battery of 2050 mAh. It will run Android Lollipop out of the box, which is a little perplexing given that Marshmallow is already out, up and running. There is no information on the pricing of the device known so far.

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