LG to Introduce Flexible Displays in a Smartphone in November?

Flexible displays may well be the next big thing to happen in the world of smartphones. We have had 1080 P displays, and soon we could be moving towards 4K, but beyond the talk of the resolutions, it could be bendable displays that really would be the next move. We have seen Samsung demo flexible displays in the past and there have been suggestions that the next flagship from Samsung, the SV or even the Note III Active could well feature a flexible display.


However, looks like before Samsung, LG may well have plans of a smartphone with flexible display for a release as early as November. According to a report published by CNET, LG are planning to unveil a device with a Concave curved display which would be called the LG Z or Z1.

Although there are no real leaks of what the device might look like, but WSJ have revealed a sketchup of the device clearly showing how much it would bend. Given the device would feature bendable displays, you can be rest assured it would be made of a plastic that can bend proportionally. The screen is expected to made of organic OLED according to the report, which is more bendable than the regular LCD. LG had showed off the flexible 5 inch OLED panel at SID in May and there could well be that we may see the same panel in the LG Z or Z1.

Via: WSJ || CNET

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