LG Watch Urbane is the first All Metal Android Wear

Metal is in, be it for mobile devices, frames of your spectacles or watches, if there is one thing you can never go wrong when selecting the build, its metal. Any metallic device is sure to stand the test of time and provide much more durability when compared to a similarly thick device. This is why most of the mobile OEMs have started to slowly embrace metallic chassis and looks like the watch manufacturers are taking the lessons on board too.

LG Watch urbane

There is something about a good metallic watch, and this is a reason why despite owning the LG G Watch, most of the time I would rather wear my trusty old Tissot or Fossil analog watch. To help you get the same taste, LG has announced the LG Watch Urbane which is the first all metallic Android Wear watch.

The device although announced, has not been officially shown by LG yet, and you would expect the same to happen at MWC where, the pricing, as well as the availability, would be disclosed too. In terms of specs, the watch is pretty much in tandem with any Android Wear out there running 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 SoC with a 1.3 inch 320×320 P-OLED display. The internal memory here is 4 GB and the watch comes in gold and silver color with IP 67 protection. The battery on board is a 410 mAh and the watch comes with leather straps out of the box.

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