LicenseCrawler Finds All the Program’s Product Keys

Product keys are valuable assets for you. In case of any loss you can’t install the software on your PC again and you need to purchase the product again. Now suppose you already lose any of your Windows key (let’s say, Microsoft Office key) and you want to download it again on other computer then what will you do? Well, you don’t need to go for another purchase. Just head to LicenseCrawler, a product that reveals all the products keys which are installed on your computer.

Download and install LicenseCrawler from the product website. It is free to use. It comes in zip file and it is portable (you can carry it in a USB drive). On first run it will ask for language. Select your language and proceed to the next screen window.

Now choose your computer from the drop down and “HKEY_LOCAL_Machine” from the second drop down. Click on “Start Search” button. That’s it. The tool will search all the product key and display it on the interface. It displays Windows OS keys, Office keys, Photoshop keys and other valuable programs key. You can copy all the keys in the notepad and save it for later use.


You can also go to File-> Save to save the file in .txt format. Also it provides you to password protect all the keys in the .txt format. Just go to File –> Save Encrypted to password protect your file. The tool also provides high speed scan. You can also detect keys of your network computer (Select Local host next to the Computer’s drop down). Overall the tool is easy to use and useful in case you lose any of your product key.

Download LicenseCrawler.

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