LiliPad HD: A Floating Styled Chat App For Android

Using an Android tablet lets you access an amazing chat applications. You can work on other applications and pages with this chat app working along with it. LiliPad HD is an app which lets you get rid of a full-screen chat application. You no more need to switch between the apps while using your tablet. The LiliPad HD is the first floating chat application for the Android tablets in the market. You can watch videos, play games, surf the internet and do everything you normally do on your tablet while simultaneously chatting with your friends on Google Talk, MSN or Facebook.

Though this is a new application introduced to the Android world there are still changes and updates making advances towards it. Bugs for this application are being fixed but still this runs well enough to suit its Beta version which can now be taken off with its stable state. The app has few features which you sure would like. You can adjust the chat windows, minimize them and also use different tabs for different chats. If you want your chat window to be hidden you can avail that as well. The app doesn’t support every chat client currently. The supported ones are Google Talk, MSN live messenger and Facebook chat. The developers are making developments to bring in Yahoo, Skype and AIM into the application next.

This app is available as a free trial version in the Google Play Store. You can use this trial version for the application and then opt to buy it later if you like it. Try it and let us know if you like it.

Download Lillipad HD.

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