Line Launches an Indoor Maps app in Japan

Line, the famous social networking platform has decided to launch an indoor mapping service. We have seen Google do something similar, especially for the FIFA World Cup to help them explore the various places in Brazil and few other countries such as India a while ago. Line, began as just an IM client, but since has grown into a full on social network for mobile, including sticker chat, games, etc. This move to the indoor mapping solutions is actually pretty interesting too.

Line Indoor

Line’s indoor mapping application is available for Android and allows users to find complicated indoor areas with ease. The app is initially restricted to about 37 odd places in Tokyo, though there is a promise that there would be more indoor locations added, as and when time goes on and data comes along. Some of the salient features of the application, as listed by Line are:

1) Informative Indoor Map
– Provides a list of main facilities in the surrounding area.
– Uses a Wi-Fi signal to provide an accurate current position and information about the floor where the indoor user is located.

2) Convenient Map Functions
– Not only allows basic functions such as map rotation, position specification, and POI selection, but also a 3D view using vector rendering.

3) Sharing your Position with Friends
– Check detailed store information, such as the store’s business hours, phone number, and website.
– You can share your location or favorite places with friends.

4) Improved Search Function
– Provides recommended categories which allow for convenient searches without entering search words.

5) Floor Guide
– Provides main information for facilities, such as their location, phone number, and business hours.
– Provides a Floor Guide and detailed information for each floor (information about stores and lists of main convenience facilities).

6) Easy-to-understand Street Guide
– Considers movement between floors and provides guidance for the optimal path.

You too can download Line Indoor Maps for your Android phone for free here

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