Line Runner Is A Game You Must Check Out

Every once in a while comes a game that becomes a rage. It was Angry Birds at first, we loved doodle jump and such games too, but one common denominator in all these games was their simplicity. These games usually do not have he graphics to kill but the physics and the concept behind them means that you end up spending hours on end playing them on your devices. These games are actually a brilliant time pass since you do not have to figure out for long how and what to do. The one game we here at Blogtechnika have been extremely addicted to is called line runner.

Line runner is an extremely simple game and just as the name suggests you have to run. The little twist comes in the form of various vertical hurdles that you have to avoid. In case you hit them, obviously you lose your life. However, the only complain we did have is that right when you hit the obstacle you lose your life. There should have been a provision of having at least a couple more lives so that you can continue and enjoy the run. Yes, we can all restart the game but starting from the scratch is a real drag. The best bit about the game is that the game play is really fast. In fact, an average player would last no more than say 45 seconds to 1 minute in the game which means that you can maintain your interest in the game while still competing.

The graphics of the game are extremely simple yet effective. You just have to touch the screen to obtain a response from the runner to either jump or duck an obstacle. We overall spent at least 10 minutes every couple of hours trying to match or beat the high scores of the team and go by our words it was a lot of fun. If you have not tried line runner then you most definitely must. It is available for both Android as well as iPhone and other idevices. The download links are given below:

Do not forget to tell us and boast your highest score once you play it.

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