LineRider is a Creative Flash Game

Line Rider is not really a game but more of a toy that sparked off a revolution. The idea is pretty simple, you make a line on a blank canvas, and when you hit ‘play’, a sledge appears with a snowman riding it. There are various types of lines to choose from with each having a different function.


The game is very easy to understand and it is user friendly too. You can experiment with different designs which is a great fun for creative people. The environment has full physics so the rider will slow down and speed up according to the incline of the line. Users who play this game have come up with some interesting pieces of complex art with LineRider. Many such users have uploaded their creations on YouTube and it really makes for a good content. The game can be wicked too at times as the guy on the sledge can be made to have some spectacularly violent crashes !

Check out the game in action.

Play Line Rider.

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