Listen and Share Music Online with Earbits

Earbits is an online application that allows users to listen to the latest music that is hitting the shelves at  that very moment and even allows users to share their favorite music with other around the web. This website is a cool new way of getting familiar with what’s hot at the moment and staying updated with the latest gossip in the world of music.


Earbits allows users to listen to the most popular tracks through streaming radio. To get started with Earbits, simply direct the website to the genre of music that you would like to listen to and the website will play a continuous stream of great tracks on that genre for you. It even displays the name of the song and the artist, so that if you like the song, you can download it from other sources.

Users can sign up to the website and chat with other music enthusiasts who share the same tastes as you do. Registration is free and will not take up much of your time considering what all you can do. you can share your favorite tracks with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and give a thumbs up or down to tracks which you like or dislike respectively.

Earbits is a nice way to pass your time and even discover new tastes in music.

Visit the Earbits website.

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