Listen to Hindi Songs on Your Android and iPhone Using Saavn

Being an Indian, I have always had an inclination towards Hindi music, irrespective of my love for music of any other form with a good rhythm and heart touching lyrics. There is something about Hindi music which just keeps me going, be it the tear jerking songs from the movie Border or the new groovy Chammak Challo from Ra One. Maybe because Hindi is my mother tongue. But whatever the case is, we all are familiar with sites such as and their respective application for our smartphones. But one drawback is, they don’t have Hindi music, which is really sad for people like me.


Every time I need to listen to a song, I have to search for it on the YouTube, even if I just want the audio,which is not really convenient. But someone out there , has finally empathized with us. And now we talk about the amazing application known as Saavn. It’s a music search engine on web, which allows users to search for Hindi music and listen online, but to make life easier for the people with smart phones, they have introduced an iPhone application for Saavn, its also available on the android market.
We can search for any song which we want to listen to, Hindi of course . They have a weekly top 15, where you can listen to the chart topping hits. Then there is a ‘surprise me’ tab,where they have a random playlist for you to listen, if you are bored with your choice of music :p
You can also create playlists of your own. The best part, all of this is FREE.


How to get it

1) Open app store.

2) Search for Saavn.

3) Install it

And you are done, you will literally have a voluminous collection of Hindi music without using much space on your smartphone 😉

Though but obviously ,you will need a 3G or GPRS connection, or if at home, you can use your Wi-Fi network.

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  1. You could also listen to hindi songs online using sites like and without the video. They should be having an Android app too, but not sure. Needless to say, I adore Hindi songs 🙂

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