Little Alchemy Is A Simple Yet Fun Game For Chrome

Chrome is by some distance the most popular Web browser at least when it comes to Windows. The fact that you have a dedicated app store for it really makes it a fantastic experience. Even though Firefox too has extensions, they do not really compare to Chrome both in quality and quantity. There are also these small basic apps and games available in the store that can really help you pass time away if you are getting bored sitting on your web browser. The game we would be talking about today is called Little Alchemy. For all those who are Paolo Coelho fans and have read his book The Alchemist, then the tittle of this game would pretty  much give away what the game is all about.

little alchemy

The game gives you four basic elements of air, water, fire and earth. You now have to combine  these elements in a strategic manner to come up with various other things. You can create elements such as steam, atmosphere, energy or various different things. The game play is extremely simple and UI is pretty easy to understand which makes the game simple yet fun. You have to use a little bit of common sense to get things such as energy as it is all based on very basic science funda. To combine the two elements all you have to do is drag and drop the two elements on top of each other in the space on the left of the screen.

If you are looking for a real game which would have a great story line and amazing graphics, then this definitely is not for you since the game is a basic and fun time pass sort of a game. You can play it to just wind down time and relax. It is avaialable for absolutely free in the Chrome store. Here is the link for download.

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