Localcast is an app that streams local media on Android to Chromecast

Chromecast has been a hit. For $35 the HDMI stick is able to mirror Youtube videos from your iOS and Android devices to your HD Television giving a complete multimedia experience unlike any other device wirelessly. A couple of weeks ago, Google has opened the SDK of Chromecast meaning the development community was let loose on the source code so they could develop things for Chromecast. This was a major move as it opened the gates of possibility with Chromecast which are endless.


And looks like the first real useful app to come out of this move is already with us. We all save plenty of multimedia on our devices, from songs to music videos, smartphones or tablets are a hub of our digital entertainment life. Would it not be amazing if you could stream all this local multimedia to your TV with Chromecast wirelessly? This is exactly what an application called Localcast does. It basically  mirrors your local multimedia content to Chromecast through Wi-Fi. Developed by an XDA member, DakDroid the application is really simple to use. It is like any other multimedia player for Android and simply with a tap of mirroring button is able to play local media to the TV.

The application supports a whole lot of media formats including WebM and MP4. Your Android device must be running Android version 2.3 and above for the application to work. So, go ahead and check out the application in the thread on XDA here

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