Locationbar³ Allows you to Click your URL to Navigate to the Subsection on a Website

One of the things, I personally do very often on a website is after reading a story I like, visit the entire section if it is on a site I have not been on before. It gives you several more interesting pieces of content to go through and read. If the site follows a set URL pattern, like most sites do today, all you need to do is make minor modifications in the URL by deleting the unique URL of the article to get to the section. But in doing this, often we end up deleting the URL more than what is required and that totally puts things into a tailspin.


A solution to this problem is using Lactionbar³ which is a nifty little add on for Firefox. All you need to do, is to install the plugin to your Firefox browser and restart it. Once you do that, you will notice that as soon as your press the Control key, the URl becomes clickable, so you can click on any section of the URL that is clickable and you will be taken to the particular section totally removing the hassles of having to delete or type the URL. You can press the shift key with the control key, in case of Mac, Cmd, to open the new page section in a new tab.

You can also hide the protocol or the http/https noting from the title bar by going into the preferences of the extension. This is useful if you do not want your address bar to look too cluttered up. The extension is really simple to use, and you will have no trouble in configuring things up as there is not too many things to fiddle around here.

You can download the extension for firefox from here

Via: Addictive Tips

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