Lockscreen Calender Adds Calender To Your Lockscreen on Android

So often we sit and update all thee calendar entries on our smart phones. But it can be a bit of a pain continuously opening the calendar application and then looking through for the list of appointments. A simple solution is having the calendar display your list of upcoming events on the lock screen. Lockscreen calendar is specifically the application you need then.


It works with about all the lockscreens out there, including your native ones. It displays the list of your upcoming appointments effortlessly on your lockscreen. It is easy and simple to use. You can choose what accounts you wish to sync with the calendar. For example you could sync the events from your facebook and gmail and native calenders on your smartphone.

The set-up is pretty easy and hassle free. The display too is neat and lets you chose the number of events you wish to display. For example you may want to have just 2 events to be shown or 5 in case you have plenty of events. You can also change the format that the date. Hence it is an extremely customizable application and one that would find use for plenty of Android users.


(image credit: Android Market)

The application is available for free form the market place. You too can add it to the list of your ever growing must have’s on your smart phone.

The link for downloading the application is this.So why to wait? Head over and make the job of looking up your calenders a lot more easier on your Android smartphone.

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