Logaway: Login To Multiple Websites Using Single Password

How many of you forget passwords while login into several web service again and again. In the era of social media and web 2.0, people try more and more services such as Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and many more to get in touch with friends and family members. Remembering passwords of each service is not an easy task.

You can assign same password for all the services but it is not recommended for security purpose because if anyone will manage to know your password then he can crack all your accounts. So it is better to assign different passwords.

One method to remember the password is to make use of browser’s inbuilt remember password feature but it is not available for all the browsers and also what if you’ll use another computer. There is a service known as Logaway which has an ability to solve your problem. You can login into multiple websites without entering your login credentials again and again.


Register with the service, enter the password and Logaway key. Never share your key with anyone. After sign-up, add the websites. There are many popular websites given in this service. You can also enter URL of the website and add it to Logaway. After adding all the websites, you can now login to various services with a single password.

Here’s a nice video that elaborates the service:

You will get a customizable welcome page with customizable gadgets. There are gadgets for news updates, weather, movie show times, stock updates, etc. If you are concerned about security then let me assure you that using this service is secure because it has been passed with NSA (National Security Agency) standard. Also it works on 128 bit SSL encryption system.

Check out Logaway.

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