Looking for the best locations to Hike? Hike.io is the place to be

We have all had a moment, where we have simply said to ourselves, “Enough is enough, I am out of here and I am off to a place where nobody will ever find me again, into the woods, by the say, just anywhere but here”. Some of us have that moment more often than the others, but we have all had that bit, where it has simply been where we need to get away, away on a hike. While there are several apps and recommendations and things like that to find out your next destination, there are not too many one stop destinations, or places where you can simply go and input your destination and have it recommend you where to go.


Hike.io is an interesting application that does just this for you. All you need to do is to browse the tool and enter in the location that you wish to go hiking. You get detailed routes, detailed images, full-screen maps, GPX routes and a lot more in the tool. You contribute to the community too as you can edit and add information or routes based on your information when you are hiking around to help others.

The tool is available absolutely for free, and there were no ads or pay models for us to be disrupted by. The data too is available for everyone to see. India as a location also threw up some really interesting suggestions and given that the application has an ever expanding database, we feel this would be really interesting way for you all to find out about hikes and hiking in the future. Find the site, by going to hike.io.

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