MacBook Airs get a Rs 2,000 Price Drop and Faster Processors

It emerged in the last couple of days that Apple was planning to update the MacBook Air line of its computers. The sleek and slim line of computers have received a minor upgrade including faster processor being embedded. While the US variants of the MacBook Air will now cost $899 from $999 for the base model, the price cut in India is only rs 2,000 or roughly of $33.3.

Macbook Air- New

Apart from upgrading the processor, the upgrade brings nothing new with all the specs including the screen resolution exactly the same as that of the previous gen 11 inch and 13 inch devices. While the new lines of MacBook Airs are already on sale in the US, it may be a couple of weeks till this is visible in India. As a result of this price drop, the 11 inch MacBook Air in India with 128 GB HDD will sell for almost Rs 66,000 while the 256 Gb 11 inch model will cost you Rs 79,990.

The 13 inch model on the other hand will sell for Rs 72,900 while the 256 GB variant of the same screen size will cost almost Rs 87,000. The other noteworthy change is the processor upgrade which sees the new computers ship with a 1.4 GHz Dual Core i5 Processor. The minor upgrade comes at a time when we are barely a month and half away from WWDC, fueling the rumors that we may well not see a MacBook Air refresh at least until later this year.

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