MacBook Pro 2012 may have Retina like display?

Apple is a company which is always leading the rumor market, be it for iPhone, iPad or MacBook. After rumors of iPad-3 getting a bump up to the retina display which is currently enjoyed by iPhone 4 and 4s, reports are that the next generation of Macbooks will also have a retina like display, actually a superior version. The screen of Macbook 2012 will be improved to a resolution up to 2880×1800. The improved resolution MacBook pro might even arrive in early part of second quarter next year.

This is what a report from Digitimes suggests:

While the prevailing MacBook models have displays with resolutions ranging from 1680 by 1050 to 1280 by 800, the ultra-high resolution for the new MacBook Pro will further differentiate Apple’s products from other brands, commented the sources.


The rumors are also getting support from the fact that Intel’s Ivy Bridge chipset is expected to arrive next year, which would allow for 4k-resolution displays. Also Lion OS now supports 3200×2000 wallpapers. Although this higher resolution Macbooks will separate them from the rest f the pack, it is still not confirmed whether it is coming in the 2012 version.

This is what Display search’s Richard Shim said:
“Haven’t seen the move to higher resolution ‘Retina’ panels for notebooks yet because the panels are new and are being using mainly for tablets, specifically iPads, but I could see it happening in the future for sure.”

If Apple manages to trim down the thickness of MacBook pro, which is already pretty thin (but rumors are that it will be trimmed down) and add these high resolution display to them, then we are definitely looking at some serious standards set by Apple for coming notebooks.

[via Technobuffalo].

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