Macbooks To Receive Retina Display?

We all love Macintosh. I mean, everyone who is enthusiastic about Technology cannot deny this fact. Be it the most beautiful Aluminium construction, ease of use or just the white Apple Logo on the back, Macs are just pure insane beauty. Steve Jobs indeed said it best when he said, these are so beautiful that you would want to lick them. I wouldn’t mind to be honest.

We recently reported to you that Apple’s WWDC would be held in June here and gradually since the announcement of the dates, speculations are doing rounds as to what would be up the sleeves of the Cupertino based company. The latest one and the one we believe would not be very far off the mark is that The Macbook line of laptops are to receive a major upgrade as they would sell with the Retina Display. For those readers not too familiar with the term, Retina Display is the display on the iPhone 4, 4S and on the new iPad. It is an absolutely gorgeous screen and one of the major breakthroughs in the Apple line of products. No wonder they are looking to bring the technology to its hottest brand of computers too.

However, after a little more research we came to know that the Macbook Pro line may get this technology as soon as the WWDC 12, however our favorite and articulately pretty Macbook Air may have to wait slightly longer to get the beautiful Retina display on board. The reason cited is the amount of Battery power required for the high res display which maybe the issue for the Air.

However, whatever the case maybe, its all about waiting and finding out, but one thing for sure is that I would absolutely love it and definitely lok for an upgrade if the Macbooks start shipping with Retina display, so for all those looking to buy a new Macbook, sincere advice is to wait till the WWDC so you can get hands on the latest and the greatest. What are your views on the Retina Display on the Macbook? Do let us know.

Via: 9to5Mac

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