Mailbox App Gets Material Design in Version 2.0

Mailbox, the popular third party E-Mail application is ready to blend in with Android 5.0 as it has been updated with the material design in the version 2.0. The popular application was available initially on an invite-only basis, and only for the iPhone, but since then, we have come a long way and the app has gone on to become probably the second most highly recommended E-Mail application after Gmail, alongside possibly Outlook. No prizes for guessing that Mailbox has been developed and heavily integrated with Dropbox.


The update has seen the application pretty much retain its original simple design language. In fact, several unnecessary lines have been stripped out from the user interface and you get very simple, plain white themed E-Mail app. You have a floating icon on the bottom right of the application, which is used to compose new E-Mails a bit like several other IM/ SMS apps that we have seen with the Material Design. Signatures too, have been added while composing to the Android version of the application and there are several other changes that may not be so prominent in front end. Here is the entire changelog based on the app listing at the Play Store:

  • We’ve redesigned the app to Material design specifications

  • Signatures can now be displayed while you compose your email

  • You can edit HTML emails before replying or forwarding to someone

  • Google Calendar invite emails are rendered in mobile-friendly format

If you are using Mailbox app, you will get the update in the form of an OTA, and if not, you can try out the application by downloading it from here.

Via: Android Police

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