Mailbox now allows you to Reply to an Email from Notification Bar

Notification Bar on Android is no more the place just for glancing information. Google is encouraging developers to add action initialization to their alerts so that the user does not have to go within the app for every small action. For example, you can decide to retweet, reply or favorite a tweet right from the notification bar when you receive a mention on Twitter, similarly you can reply to an E-Mail using the notification from the Gmail default app.

E-mail- Mailbox

Mailbox has been one of the most famous E-Mail clients on iOS and recently was released on Android by parent company Dropbox. Looks like Mailbox is quickly embracing the Android culture, and has added quick actions to its notifications with the update 2.1. This update allows you to directly archive, snooze the mail or reply to it by clicking on one of the three call of action buttons just below the E-Mail notification in the notification bar.

If you click on reply, you are obviously taken to within the application with the compose window and keyboard waiting for you to quickly type your message in, while you can archive and snooze the message by being just within the notification bar. Apart from these changes and few bug fixes, there don’t seem to be any major changes within the application as Mailbox aims to take organizing E-mails to the next level within Android.

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