Make Android Using Simpler with Wiser

How many of us have bemoaned the fact that Android is just plain too complicated at times. You often miss the simple box like interface on the iPhone where there is just so much you can do, in case you happen to make a jump to an Android device. This can be especially true if you are looking to introduce a family member to Android who is not the most tech savvy out there. For such scenarios, exists Wiser, which aims to make your Android experience simpler than ever.


Wiser is a redesign of the applications on your device which allows you to interact with the phone in a unique and a bolder fashion taking out all the unnecessary features and add-ons. Think of wiser as a launcher that basically will sit on top of your Android device and only allow you to do the most basic of the tasks. The developer also plans to add a companion application that will allow you to quickly interact and take guidance from your friends as well as companions in case you get stuck up using the device.

Some of the features of the application as listed by the developer on the Play Store are as follows:

  • Enjoy a Wiser and simpler Smartphone experience.
  • Wiser is a friendly way for people who wish to enjoy a smartphone without the hassle of finding their way in the complex smartphone environment. Wiser could fit the use of Non tech savvy people, seniors and more.
  • Wiser is a redesign of the smartphone applications allowing you to better communicate, friendlier picture experience and access to your favorite content.
  • Designed by mobile expert, having you and your needs in mind.
  • No more generic experience that should fit all.
  • Wiser will replace your native experience with a more suitable one for your needs.
  • In 2 easy steps (download and install) you could start enjoying “Wiser” on your Smartphone today.
  • Try it; it will change your mobile experience!
  • Introducing soon the Companion application – an easy way to interact and be supported by your friends
  • and family from their own device. We are in close Beta, for more info please visit our website.
  • Please contact us for any questions or feedbacks or visit our website for more information on Wiser and Companion.

You can download the app for free from the Android Play Store here


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