Make Cartoons, Sketch Easily by Using Whiteboard App for Android

At one point or the other we all have wanted a MS-paint replica on our smart phones. Even if it is not for the picture editing quality of it, just to doodle away. I recently was at the airport in Mumbai waiting to receive a relative and as usual getting bored. I wanted a piece of paper or about any surface to make my expressions of boredom public, but all I had with me was my smart phone and needless to say I ended up getting royally bored as the flight was delayed by more than an hour. All I ended up doing was hearing loads of women bitch about a few more women and talking on top of their pitch acting cool.


My first exploring job when I got access to the Android Market was to look for a Whiteboard application so I could make my feelings public. It is very rarely we realize how important something so simple and convenient can be. The app that impressed me most was white board. It is a very simple app. It has 5 different pens of different colors and you just doodle. You can make your favorite cartoons or show a free hand sketch to one of your friends in a boring class or lecture. It is an incredible app. The best part? Yes, you guess it. It is absolutely free on the Android Market. You can also save your amazing drawings on the phone and use it for a reference later on. Here is one of my great works, writing the terms BT for my favorite blog, Blogtechnika Smile.


One word of caution though, make sure you have a screen guard on your precious Android devices before you attempt this app, you just may end up scratching your screen real bad.

So don’t wait, download fast and if possible, share with us your doodles. Happy drawing!

Download Whiteboard App for Android.

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