Make Searching for Files Easier Using Folder Usage

The bigger the hard disk, the more number of files in a system. And the more the number of files, the more difficult it is to find what you’re looking for. Now that the size of hard disks is increasing day by day, users need some special assistance to search for their files as the simple Windows search is not enough. Folder Usage is a portable app that has many additional options to help you find the files you are looking for on your computer with ease.

folder usagefolder usage1

The app requires no installation although the creator is thinking of making one but which will require .Net Framework to work. Anyway, the interface is simple enough to operate on. Just extract the files from the zip file it comes in and open the exe file. A window will appear where you can start the advanced search by just entering the location where you want to start searching. As seen from the snapshot, there are 2 sub windows the the app. The left side of the window shows the folders you are searching in. When you click on a folder, the contents of that folder are displayed on the right side of the window. Simple enough.

But the main thing this app does is filters your contents displayed according to your needs. Just go to tools and hit filter. A window appears where you can select the parameters of your search and you can refine it as you go. There are a number of useful filters available to refine your search like for example, you can filter the search by date of creation, search by date accessed, by date modified, by size and also by using RegEx.

RegEx is simple enough to use and for those who have a difficulty in understanding, there are a few examples predefined in the app. With RegEx, you can filter your results based on the type of file, like you can filter zip files from a folder if you are looking only for those types of files.

This is quite a neat app to have if you have a huge hard disk and lots of files in it.

Download Folder Usage.

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