Make Sketch, Collaborate and Share Easily With Friends

A Web Whiteboard is an online tool that has a whiteboard on which users can make their drawings and share them with anyone one internet easily. There are many innovative options available that will make the user to continue drawing on the website. Whiteboards can even be used to share ideas through the internet in a more visual way.

whiteboard sample

Users can start drawing as soon as they visit the website. No registration or logging process is involved which can be annoying for some users. Simply click on Start Drawing to begin your art session. There are a variety of colors to choose from on the website. Choose the color with which you want to start and move on.

whiteboard colors

You can choose the type of pencil or marker you want for your drawings. You can choose your pencil depending on the thickness that you prefer for your sketches. The variation is from thin to medium to thick. There is an eraser available with which you can remove any unwanted blemishes to your drawings.

whiteboard pencil

There are many options that you can use after you finish your sketching. You can choose to save the sketch to your computer, clear the entire page to start a new session, post the drawing to your social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter etc. or even invite your friends to view this website and your drawings.

Check out A Web Whiteboard.

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