Make social Pin Boards and Share them with Everyone Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a social networking site that allows users to create pin boards of their favorite posts, images or videos and share them with everyone else. You can even view random posts from other people around the website and can comment or like them.


You can view other peoples pin boards by visiting the website. On the homepage, you will see the most popular and most viewed pins and the comments made on those pins. You can start sharing your interests by registering to the website. You can register using your Facebook account or create a new account on Pinterest. Once you have logged in, you will be asked to check the topics that might interest you, like Fashion, Photography, Movies, Nature etc. Simply check the boxes that you find interesting and proceed to the next step. Once you have finished the registering process, you will be able to view pins posted by other people on the website on the topics that you are most interested in. You can create your own pin boards and post them on your wall. You can even share these posts on Facebook. You can invite other friends to join in and start a discussion on a post.

This site is fun and has some very interesting features for people who want something new other than the usual Facebook or Twitter drama.

Visit Pinterest.

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