Make Your Own Stylus At Home For iPad

Despite Steve Jobs’ reproach to the notion of etching on his beloved iPad, the market seems to be inundated with a gamut of stylus for every kind of iPad customer. Lets face  it is “Doddle Buddy” is fun across all ages, but it could be more fun and natural if we could sketch our creations with a stylus. So now should we take out another 50 bucks for another accessory? Certainly not. You can evade the corporate trap for under a dollar. How to do that? Here is a very simple guide.

Materials Required

  1. A pen
  2. Aluminum Foil
  3. Some tape

Instruction To Prepare the Stylus

  1. Take a used pen with a rather flat edge.
  2. Carefully wrap the foil around the pen and tape it up to fasten the foil to the pen.
  3. You may customize your stylus as you desire henceforth.
  4. Now doodle away on your Ipad without wasting any paper.

NOTE: The stylus needs to have a flat, wide tip. This technique will not work with sharp edged object like a metallic spoon or the actual pen refill. Hence we suggest you to wrap the foil around the back portion of your old pen.

So fetch a old pen from your closet. Steal some aluminum foil from the kitchen and some tape(didnt even bother putting on mine as it worked pretty well) and voila. iPen 2,3…whatever. Do it before Apple comes out with one starting at $59.99.

Blogtechnika would like to thank Mr. Praketa Saxena for his contributions towards this post. His inputs are greatly acknowledged.

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