Makes a playlist of Songs From Different Artists and Play it in Your Browser

If you like to listen to your favorite band or artist online then AllSongsBy is an online tool that makes a playlist of all songs by a single artist of your choice and plays them all in your browser for free.


It allows users to listen to music created by their favorite artists by automatically making a playlist of all songs from that artist and plays them in browser. To get started, simply select the artist whose music you wish to listen. If the artist’s name is not mentioned, just search for the name and you will most likely find it.

Once you have selected the artist, the website will organize all songs from that artist and make a playlist for you listing all songs that the artist has made. Select a song that you want to listen to or just play all of them. You can even choose to create playlists from a specific album. The website also displays popular videos by the artist for viewing and also can make video playlists for you.

Check out AllSongsBy.

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