Manage your files and folders easily with Nexus File Manager

Nexus File Manager is an app that allows users to easily manage their files and folders through one window. The interface of Nexus File is easy to use and navigate and looks good too. You can even change the look of the interface however you like.

Nexus File has two windows in which you can navigate through your hard drive. This is quite helpful if you want to move files and folders from one drive to another. Nexus File is quick and effective and does not use much of the computer’s resources.

Nexus File is quite a nice tool to have on your computer when compared to other File management tools which always have some essential features missing. Nexus File is quite efficient in that aspect and has many options that will make users to use this app more.

Some important features of this app are:

1. The Dual Window feature where you can navigate two different explorer windows at once.

2. ZIP and RAR files can be extracted and archived within this app.

3. An advanced file renaming feature.

4. Split/join files.

5. Compare folders and files for differences.

6. Quick enabling/disabling of hidden files and folders.

You can also view a folder tree from the Folder option on the top of the window. This option allows users to view the selected folder and its contents in a chart like display so you can easily locate your most important files and folders.

If you are looking for an alternative to the default Windows explorer, then this is one app that we would recommend. Once you start using this, the Windows explorer will surely not be missed.

Download Nexus File Manager.

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  1. The Download folder in the Nexus 7 contains a hidden folder called Memory-Map into which I want to add further licenced maps. On the Nexus I cannot do this as when I atempt to create a folder Memory-Map, it fails because the folder exists but is hidden so I cant copy files into it. Will the Nexus File Manager solve this problem?

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