Manage Your Finance With These Simple Windows Phone Apps

Managing your finances is one thing which is always a problem in the busy schedule of day to day life. WP7 comes with wonderful applications which are very handy and help you sail this trouble. Just checking your phone for certain things lets you know your finance status. There are applications which help you keep a track of your bills and receipts. Then there are apps where in you can manage and follow up your expenses. Managing your accounts and bill payments was never simpler. Here you go with a few apps which can save your financial life.

Expense Tracker

This application lets you fill in details about ever expense that you make. Every transaction made can be entered in the app. You add the total amount, expense amount, category of your expenses and credited amount in the application. It is a very simple and an easy to use application.

To talk more about the working and look of the application, you also get the facility of currency denomination; various currencies of the world are listed in it. This application has a good and a decent user interface. It is not something jazzy or eye catchy but something very simple and decent. You get different categories of expenses to choose from whether it is food or household or travel or any other luxury type of an expense all of this can be known. Finally after all the calculations and transactions you are given the balance sheet of your total amount. This app requires just 1MB or lesser space on your phone. If you want you can also transfer the information in an excel sheet.

Bill Reminder

Sometimes it happens that we forget the due date of our bills and have to pay extra fees for the same. To avoid this Bill Reminder comes handy. This application keeps track of the due dates of the bills that you have to pay off. You feed in the name as what type of bill it is, frequency as in after how much interval the bill occurs and the next occurrence date of the bill and if you wish to fill in the amount and the URL of the payment site you can do that, they are optional.

The application categorizes the bills in different colors like red, yellow and green, red for past due payments, yellow for current or present payments and green for the ones which are not yet due. All the alerts can be fetched with live tiles and also pop up updates.

Finance Helper

What if you can get both the above applications’ support in just one tool? The Finance Helper application facilitates you with both the above apps services. This app has the bill reminding facility as well as it takes care of your monthly and weekly budgets and expenses.

Store your income, expenses and other transactions and receive transaction details like balance sheet, expenses summary and also your monthly budgets. If you have to make any extra payments they can also be filled in. You also get loan details if any. The application has the same bill payment reminding method that is the color code. The red, yellow and green colors follow the same pattern. You can also enter recurring and non-recurring income details within the same single app.

All of these applications can be found in the Windows Marketplace. Check them out and let us know if they helped you manage your finances.

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