Manage Your To-Do List With Things iPhone App

Things is one of the best task manager app for iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is simple, elegant and comes with many useful features. As Things is also available for Mac, you can sync this app with your desktop easily using Wi-Fi.

On the homepage you’ll see many sections. These are Inbox, Today, Next, Scheduled, Someday, Projects etc. All the new to-do always appears in the Inbox section so that you can immediately know and clear it. Today section displays all the latest tasks you have to perform on a particular day. Next list contains the list of all the activities you have to do. Scheduled section is to move the tasks to the later date. The task will automatically appear on the Today list when the date arrives. Someday is for tasks you want to perform in future.


In the next list, you’ll get the list of active to dos. Each task has a particular color in the starting. Yellow color represents today’s task, red represent items are due. You can check the box next to the task name to mark it complete.


Download Things iPhone App [via Culturedcode].

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